Sincuidados is more than a unique community. It’s an enchanting feeling. It’s the happiness that warms you when you stroll or bike through our streets. It’s the awe and wonder you feel under a pristine awning of vibrant sunsets and striking starry skies free of light pollution. It’s the serenity you feel in a quiet desert community spanning more than 600 acres of vibrant plants, majestic Saguaros and captivating wildlife. With more than 300 unique custom homes offering an abundance of privacy, you feel at peace.

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Sincuidados is a canvas of desert textures and colors nestled against a backdrop of our resplendent Lone Mountain. Vast desert lots embellished with dramatic boulders and a variety of desert plants offer tranquility to residents and shelter for our bountiful wildlife. Whether driving, walking or biking through Sincuados, sweeping mountain vistas greet you from every street. 

Each Sincuidados home is unique with a mix of contemporary and Southwestern designs. Panoramic walls of glass adorn many homes for residents to enjoy our alluring natural desert and stunning sky scapes. 

As a desert living community, Sincuidados offers a resplendent retreat from life’s hustle and bustle. And with this lifestyle comes a feeling of gratitude.

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