Lone Mountain

Our Own Private Desert Escape

Few communities can boast owning a mountain and its surrounding preserve. In 2020, our community purchased this stunning desert preserve that includes more than 100 acres encompassing much of Lone Mountain. With an apex vista providing a 360-degree view of the Valley of the Sun, residents appreciate having our very own natural wonder in our collective backyard.

An Extraordinary Desert Sanctuary in Our Own Backyard

Sincuidados residents can choose from a number of trails winding through our preserve, each one providing a moderate hike. Whether you seek a good workout or a more simple hike, you will find a path to fit your needs. 

In addition to providing our community a heavenly haven, Sincuidados Lone Mountain Preserve is a community of diverse desert wildlife. Bird watchers can spot a variety of bird species ranging from Harris Hawks to Great Horned Owls and Western Screech-Owls to Arizona’s iconic Roadrunners. You might see a family of bobcats, coyotes or javelina. Scaly residents include a variety of snakes and lizards – including Gila monsters.

Wildlife on the Trails

Spotting the wondrous wildlife is exhilarating and even more exciting when we’re lucky enough to capture photos!

The late H.B. Wallace, a former long-time resident of Sincuidados, wanted to permanently protect the natural state of the preserve, so he created a conservation easement managed by the Desert Foothills Land Trust. In 2020, Sincuiados purchased the 80-acre preserve, and combined with the existing 25 acres we already owned on the mountain, created today’s 100+-acre mountain preserve complete with private hiking trails for residents and their guests to enjoy.

The trailhead entrance gate is located at the junction of Las Piedras and Los Rocas.  Residents are asked to use that trailhead to avoid trespassing on private property of homeowners abutting the preserve.

Lone Mountain Trails

North Trail

South Trail

Mid-Mountain Trail

Boulders Trail

Dancing Cactus Trail

Moss Rock Trail