Snow On The Rocks

January 26, 2021


After days of rain and hail, snow began falling on Sincuidados on Monday afternoon, then the sun quickly soaked up much of it. Marvel, a two-year old Sincuidados Labrador, marvels at the snow and tries to bite it.

Mike Knapp returns from the store. His wife, Regina, said, “We were at Safeway — it was raining when we went in, but snowing when we were leaving.”

Lynne Russell snaps the photo below and writes, “Everything in its time. We did not know when the time would come but we knew this day would happen. Heavy rain and snow and hail and gusty winds took another part of our moribund Saguaro down today. The answer is today, this day. The answer is bending in the wind.

Carl, a four-year-old Golden Retriever, appears to smile after leaving what might be his first paw prints ever in snow.